Blue Tiger Tea Program

For some cultures, having tea is a regular part of life. In other areas, tea is rarely touched. Even then, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world today next to water.

In the U.S., tea isn’t scheduled into break times or routines, but it is widely consumed. This beverage appeals to many different people. Maybe that’s why 158 million Americans consume over 3.6 billion gallons every year.

87% of millennials regularly drink tea. And on any given day, over one half of the American population drinks tea.

It’s a proven fact that a little tea can deliver BIG results which include satisfaction and productivity.

So even if tea plays second fiddle to coffee, contact your local Blue Tiger expert to help elevate your office tea experience!

Organic Loose Tea

Show your employees how much you care about their health and happiness by giving them a natural way to energize, slenderize, stay young, boost immunity and relax.

When it comes to employee happiness, the small things go a long way. Our collection of authentic teas includes everything from premium versions of well-loved classics to healthy blends and rare single origin teas.

With our office program, you’ll have access to exclusive deals on blends and receive your office’s favorites on the frequency you choose.

Premium Bagged Teas

Enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea to make sure your day starts off on the right note.

Made from hand-picked leaves, these tea bags provide you with a smooth, delicious taste.

Individual tea bags help you make the perfect amount, with no measuring required.


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