Distinctive, Sophisticated and Sustainable Artisan Coffee

Nobody should have to drink bad coffee—even at work!

The coffee scene is now about so much more than coffee itself, people are looking for coffee experiences.

Having originally used coffee that was roasted in large batches we realized our tastes have evolved to crave something different, something that was crafted by somebody truly Artisan.

Whether your preference is whole bean or ground, Blue Tiger Coffee USA brings exciting new standards of coffee to your workplace.

Sip of the Season

Unique coffee for coffee lovers.

​Each quarter we choose the very finest beans from our roasters - carefully selecting only a small percentage of the crop representing the coffee’s finest seasonal flavor & characteristics.

The flavor profile of these blends changes from season to season – always presenting exciting new characteristics.

Sign your office up for this program by Blue Tiger Coffee USA, and keep your office coffee fun and exciting all year long!

Pods & Single Cup Coffees

Pods are specifically designed for compatibility with select single cup pod brewers.

They are made of bio-degradable paper making them eco-friendly.

There are other advantages of using coffee pods:

  • Contain the precise amount of coffee
  • Less cleaning and waste
  • Machines are user friendly
  • Compostable and Recyclable

Pods allow you to prepare and serve an easy, fast and perfect espresso, just like in the coffee shop while ensuring the freshness of each single dose and leaving the aroma of coffee unaltered.

Collaborative Workspace

Let Blue Tiger USA help you set up your collaborative workspace - Snacks, hot and cold drinks, delivered and maintained.

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Blue Tiger Coffee USA delivers extraordinary beverage and snack experiences at work - Coffee, healthy snacks, teas, cold beverages combined with excellent customer service and maintenance. Let’s talk…

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