Filtered Water & Ice Dispensers

Blue Tiger offers a comprehensive range of water and ice dispensers with custom water filters for all businesses. Our service includes the best service levels, innovative equipment, and ease of installation and usage.

Your business can be provided a complete service package that includes equipment, delivery, installation and maintenance.

If you’re looking for an affordable, cost effective option for your office water and ice needs, contact us for more details.

Lavit Single Serve Sparkling

​Create a happy, well hydrated workplace with the Lavit Single Serve Water program!

Chilled, filtered, still and sparkling water choices.

Minimum space and storage with no bottles or cans to manage.

Call us today for a demo for your breakroom!

Sparkling Water

Whether enjoyed from a single serve bottle or the newest sparkling water dispenser - there is no denying sparkling waters are the “hot” new cold beverage choice!

We can set your office up with a specialty dispenser like the new Bevi, or stock a cooler with your favorite flavored, sparkling or specialty waters. Let us help hydrate your team, contact us today for a custom proposal.

Cold Brew Coffee

Sure, you offer a good hot coffee program - but what’s missing is a delicious cold brew coffee… without actually having to leave the office.

Cold-brewed coffee is the fastest-growing trend in the coffee industry. Smoother and less bitter than regular iced coffee, it also contains up to 4x more caffeine than regular coffee.

Whether kegged and dispensed on nitro or single serve cans and bottles, this trend is here to stay!

As it turns out, even relatively low cost perks like cold brew coffee can result in lifting employee engagement and your recruitment brand.


​Providing cold brew coffee on tap is the easiest way to keep your team caffeinated.

It also adds some health advantages that might make it a better option over good, old-fashioned “hot” brew coffee.

The “cool” factor isn’t the only reason we love kegerators - they’re really the best way to keep cold brew consistent and preserve that fresh flavor without additives.

We can show you how to offer this “cool” office perk that is certain to make coffee breaks more enjoyable!

Single Serve Cold Drinks

Need a place to put your single bottles or canned drinks?

We carry single and double door coolers, and all the favorite drinks to fill them!

Contact us today for more details on how you can have this in your office.


Blue Tiger Coffee USA delivers extraordinary beverage and snack experiences at work - Coffee, healthy snacks, teas, cold beverages combined with excellent customer service and maintenance. Let’s talk…

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