Once upon a time, office coffee was a perk, a way to make the office more inviting...

It was a win-win situation – employees got the pick me up they needed, and employers saved the time employees were using to run out and grab a cup of joe.

Flash to today - Blue Tiger Coffee USA is providing the best coffees, cutting edge equipment for custom drinks, and the Best in Class Service to all of its clients.

Add to this the extensive selection of healthy snacks, single serve drinks and cold brew coffees, and you have found the solution to keeping your staff happy!

The Journey Continues...

Blue Tiger Coffee USA is more than just an office coffee service, we are a partner, providing both beverage and snack solutions - in a style never done before.

We continue to evolve to meet the desires and needs of our customers, and we keep doing so everyday to deliver the best break room experience in the business!

The Mission...

Blue Tiger Coffee USA is committed to working with the best craft coffee roasters in each of our markets, along with the finest national roasters, with the goal of offering your company great coffees that support local companies, and source the supplies responsibly.

Our Mission is to provide you with world class coffees and drinks that treat your employees and clients to a great experience daily.

Blue Tiger USA

Blue Tiger is always growing and adapting. Our vision focuses on 6 channels of service - coffee & tea, healthy snacks, fresh produce, ready-to-drink & kegged beverages, and equipment & technology.

We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits of this focus.

Whatever changes, however, our fundamental principles stay the same - responsive service, a knowledgeable team and the highest quality products and equipment.

We Are Rare, We Are Little Unique, We Are Blue Tiger USA!